Do hedgehogs dig holes in gardens?

This is an often accusation by many a gardener who find holes dug up in their garden and suspect that a hedgehog has “dunnit”.

The give away for gardeners is usually the hedgehog poo.

Photo of hedgehog poo (dropping)
A photo of hedgehog poo on a lawn – courtesy of Sustainable Garden Blogspot

However, just because you have detected the presence of a hedgehog by its apparent droppings, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve discovered the culprit of your lawn disturbance.

Often, gardeners who suspect our usually well-behaved spiney guests caveat their accusation with “I’ve seen hedgehog poo all over my lawn but can’t for certain say it’s them“, usually because of the time of day it occurs.

We’ve got to admit, hedgehogs are not among the usual suspect for such garden-housekeeping-crimes…

Usually badgers or foxes would be a better guess.

However, how can you make sure that hedgehogs aren’t responsible for digging up your lawn?

Or, how can you prevent it from happening, should you suspect it is a hedgehog doing it?

Here are three suggestions:

  1. The most cost effective among the lot is to do some DIY garden detective work. Why not knock together a self-assembled footprint tunnel?
    • It’s quick, easy and cheap – and will settle any uncertainty once and for all of whether you’ve got hogs are ripping up your turf.
  2. Give a hog a home! Why not welcome your neighbourhood hedgehogs to shelter in a brand new hedgehog house?
    • Leave out a little hedgehog food by the entrance in a bowl and site it under a hedge for best results.
    • You’ll very easily deter any hedgehogs from messing  up your lawn by offering them a more appealing prospect.
  3. Get a hedgehog night camera installed?
    • Catch them in the act – a night vision camera placed in your lawn will tell you exactly what it is that is digging up grass.


We recommend trying all 3 options from a educational standpoint – much to learn for young ones in the household. Why not make it a project and learn in an enjoyable way together? 🙂

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One thought on “Do hedgehogs dig holes in gardens?

  1. I have allways for tbe past 40 years had hedgehogs in my garden this year i have fenced of my garden and now find them burrowing in from my friends garden I find holes under my fence what can i do to stop them I don’t wish to harm them in any way as I love them.
    Kind Regards Pat Hurley.

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