Hogilo Hedgehog House

Hogilo Hedgehog House (as seen on TV, BBC Autumn Watch) is made of eco-friendly recycled agricultural plastics and FSC plywood.

Favoured by rescue centres, vets and rehab organisations – the Hogilo offers a long lasting home for your wild or domestic hedgies.

  • figure-6 design
  • eco-plastic and plywood
  • battened feet
  • maze-style entrance
  • 23cm x 39cm x 50cm (dimension)


Introducing the Hogilo

As seen in the BBC Autumn Watch, Hogilo Hedgehog House is an eco-friendly home and feeding station – with long lasting benefits.

The advantage

Where many alternative wooden structures suffer rot and water damage, the eco-friendly Hogilo made from recycled agricultural plastic and plywood inner (FSC timber) is a more weather-proof option.

Constructed neatly with screws, this hedgehog habitat is a relatively light weight structure at only 3.85 kg.

Highly recommended by professionals

Hogilo is the preferred choice among the experts of the hedgehog world such as: vets, rescue missions and rehabilitation centres. It also enjoys direct endorsement from the UK Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Ideal for long term occupation

Well ventilated, Hogilo is a breathable home for hedgehogs and therefore suitable for long term occupation – even hibernation. Still, it is versatile enough for use as a feeding station.

Well designed

Its unique figure-6 design with swivel lid provides easy access to keepers for:

  • cleaning,
  • feeding and
  • administering care – without too much disruption.

The Hogilo has an extended roof portion over the porch-like entrance (doorway is a little under 5 inches wide) and upon entry the hedgehog is met with a labyrinth-style tunnel into the inner chamber. This makes its design a deterrent for predators like cats and foxes.

Offering the resident hedgehog good protection from rain with a reinforced roof and battened feet (raising the floor off the ground) – the Hogilo well defensed against outdoor moisture.

Siting the Hogilo

If you hoping to adopt a local hedgehog by producing a convenient habitat for them in your garden, site the Hogilo in a naturally appealing location.

This would be namely under shrubbery, beside a hedges – or generally under cover and with the entrance facing an open clearing.

Place within the Hogilo some appropriate bedding such as hay or dry leaves.

Outside the house, placing a bowl with some hedgehog food and/or clean drinking water will encourage more hesitant hedgehog to give your house a try.

For best results

Best times to prepare the Hogilo for attracting local hedgehogs? May – June, during the rut and October before hibernation. These are times when hedghogs will naturally seek after a home.

Has your Hogilo attracted unwanted attention?  Has a rat moved in, perhaps? This is natural in a wild environment that you don’t always produce the most controlled or expected outcomes. Don’t fret – it happens. Just carefully remove the unwanted guest respectfully and clean out the habitat for a hedgehog.

Not getting any hedgehogs move in? Consider re-siting the hedgehog house, using hedgehog food, drinking water – keep going, don’t be discouraged. You have to be experimental for the best results.

All the best with your new Hogilo!

Bonus: Watch The Hogilo in Action


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