What is the recommended advice for hedgehog adoption near me?

The following guide from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society “I would like a hedgehog for my garden – where can I get one?” is a well thought out summary of things to do when adopting hedgehogs from the wild.

The guide gives you insight into the do’s and don’ts when handling wild hogs on your premises.

It warns prospective volunteer hedgehog careers of the responsibility of taking on the nurture of disabled hedgehogs. It is a daily commitment and full-on occupation.

The guide warns against taking on such a responsibility flippantly.

What are the common garden dangers for hedgehogs?

As for potential garden dangers and hazards which might pose risks to hedgehogs, the following has been highlighted by the society:

  • Ponds or water features – slippy sides or slopes can be difficult for hedgehogs to traverse. If you have such features and you host hedgehogs, monitor your garden regularly for casualties.
  • Dogs – dogs have been known to attack hedgehogs at times where they have encroached the territory. No pet dogs? Consider your neighbours’ dogs as hedgehogs are known to roam.
  • Predators – badgers, in particular, pose a very real physical threat to hedgehog communities. Take care to marshall such proximities.
  • Roads – we all are aware of the danger roads pose to hedgehogs. If you live near a main road – your house might be less than ideal for hosting hedgehogs.
  • Pesticides and pellets – garden chemicals can wreak havoc with hedgehog health. Keep your garden chemical-free to have a more hospitable environment for hogs.

Want to encourage hedgehogs into your garden?

The society recommends the following:

  • Leave out fresh drinking water in bowls
  • Leave out meat-based pet food (NOT fish)
  • Provide a feeding station with tunnel access and weight on top to stop cats and foxes getting at hogs
  • Make or buy a hedgehog home or nesting site

Not confident of going it alone, or find a hedgehog in distress?

Type into Google this phrase (or click this link:) ‘hedgehog adoption near me‘ and you should find results much like the ones below in the local map listings:

Hedgehog Adoption Near Brixham

These listings present you with the local experts in handling hedgehogs who will be all too glad to offer advice on your hedgehog related questions.

Make diligent enquiry before making any commitment to caring for hedgehogs…but if you are set, get the necessary advice – for free and get started.

Are you looking to adopt a hedgehog from a rescue center? Make enquiry with The British Society for Hedgehog Preservation.

Have experience already in adopting hedgehogs and have a story to tell?

Join the hedgie conversation below.

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