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The products in this website are well-made shelters, ideal for housing your hedgehog throughout all seasons.

Made of either wood or durable plastics and designed for maximum comfort – these structures are the most reviewed and recommended houses for keeping hedgehogs as pets at home.

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Did you know…?

  • A group of hedgehogs is called an ‘array’.
  • Hedgehogs actually build their natural nests in hedges and shrubs.
  • Hedgehogs were originally called urchins.
  • Their use of smell and hearing are a hedgehog’s best hunting aides.
  • An adult hedgehog has over 5,000 prickly spines on its back.
  • A hedgehog can sleep up to 18 hours per day.
  • In one night only, a Hedgehog can eat one-third of their body weight.

This is the official online home of hedgehog houses. We expect that if you looking to set-up a home for your hedgehog in the garden or inside – you’re very likely to find EXACTLY what you need right here. We hope you’ll find this a one-stop shop for everything your hedgehog needs to enjoy the most of your time and environment. Keeping your hedgehog in optimal conditions is a good predictor of health and a relatively long life. Using this website, we hope not only that you’ll find the best fit housing set-up but also the right nutrition, exercise toys, bedding and much more. Depending on your preferred home set-up for your hedgehog you might opt for one or other of the many solutions advertised here on this site. We have a diverse range of hedgehog houses and feeding stations to choose from and hope to help you get what you need, for the right price. Our range of hedgehog food will ensure you get the right dietary value into your new furry neighbour. There were urban myths claiming hedgehogs can survive on dog food or cat food – but in the wild, hedgehogs will pick at small fruits, vegetables, worms etc. We have procured a list of recommended hedgehog food from a variety of vendors.

New Product ALERT! The Norton Woodworking Hedgehog House

Thanks for the interest, it's made from 18mm plywood, will post the dimensions tomorrow, in the meantime, this is a deconstructed pic showing the 2 separate chambers pic.twitter.com/KXyD4JlgPS — Norton Woodworking (@NortonWoodwrkng) September 1, 2021 Now, I’m not sure if this product has been covered anywhere else – but I kind of hope we’re the […]

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Nocturnal buddies – a hedgehog, mice, cats and racoons visit this garden!

This person literally has ALL SORTS visit their garden…and often all at the same time, it seems! In the vid above, you’ll find racoons, cats, mice and yes…of course, a hedgehog making themselves at home in this backyard (although, not a hedgehog house insight here). As for WHY…I’m not so sure…perhaps they know we’re watching? […]

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A hedgehog and a fox getting along outside a Riverside Woodcraft house

What seemed to be a great product demonstration photo-opp for Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog Houses was innocently crashed by this neighbourhood fox. How rude! But no harm intended. As it happened – the hog seemed completely oblivious for the most part and what could have turned contentious… …actually panned out a very peaceful crossing of paths. […]

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