Clifford James Hedgehog House – Wooden & Waterproof


Clifford James is an established British retailer of great quality products for the home and garden and their high-quality cedarwood hedgehog house will provide a warm welcome to your garden for your local hedgehogs.

This deceptively spacious, low-profile hedgehog house provides not only a secure predator-proof habitat for one or more hedgehogs to use but also a great wildlife project that the whole family can participate in and enjoy.

Key features:

    • Cedarwood construction
    • Dual chamber design
    • Waterproofed pitched removable roof
    • Quick self-assembly with supplied screws, pre-drilled holes, and clear instructions
    • Removable-lid felt roof
    • Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 19cm
    • Weight: 4.0 Kilograms

The Clifford James Hedgehog House creates a comfortable habitat for hedgehogs to visit for food, hibernate, and even raise their hoglet.


Its considered design (complete with funky hedgehog motif) is great value, sturdy and durable, and delivers lots of great features for both you and the hedgehogs that will come to stay.

A smart compact design makes this hedgehog house a great addition to even the tiniest gardens! Its small size also means that you can nestle it in a sheltered area of your garden, for example, under bushes or hedges.

Easy roof access

The gently pitched, removable roof means that access is easy. Cleaning, adding food, or caring for a sick animal is so much easier as you can gain full access to the interior of the hedgehog house via the felt-covered roof that lifts right off.

Protective inner chamber

Hedgehogs and hoglets will be safe in the predator-proof concealed inner chamber.

The Clifford James Hedgehog House has two rooms, the inner room lies beyond the small opening and cannot be seen or accessed from outside by predators like badgers and foxes, meaning that you can feel confident in providing a dwelling for hedgehogs that is safe.

A dark green felt roof helps camouflage the hedgehog hibernation shelter.

The shelter will blend into vegetation and is unlikely to attract the attention of overhead predators like raptors or owls.

Quality wood

Durable cedarwood fabrication is sturdy and long-lasting. Cedarwood is a great choice for a high-quality durable hedgehog house.

It is a lighter-weight wood but retains its strength and will age beautifully with a light coat of varnish each year. It is resistant to warping and should continue to keep visiting hedgehogs warm and dry over many seasons to come.

Simple assembly

Roaming hedgehogs can move on the same day your hedgehog house arrives due to its easy assembly. This hedgehog house arrives flat-packed and has quick and simple self-assembly with everything needed to get the house ready supplied.


Setting up your hedgehog house

It’s easy to make the Clifford James Hedgehog House a home for your garden’s hedgehogs.

Set up the Clifford James Hedgehog House in a quiet spot in your garden complete with beddings and hedgehog food.

Make sure that the 12cm by 12cm opening is accessible for your local hedgehog to find their way inside.

If you prefer a darker color, the house can be coated with a layer of non-toxic varnish or linseed oil of a suitable shade.

Cover the house and its opening with dead leaves for additional concealment and warmth through the winter months.

The hedgehog will forage amongst the leaves of grubs and use them as part of its nesting preparation.

The hedgehog house should be cleaned in early spring and autumn to ensure it stays parasite and bacteria-free.

If you are hoping for a hedgehog to make the Clifford James Hedgehog House its home for the winter, you need to make sure everything is ready by mid to late October.

Be patient, your new houseguest may have traveled several miles to find your garden, so sometimes you will have a wait until a hedgehog uses the house.


How can I tell if there is a hedgehog in the house?

If the house is occupied it is best not to disturb your new guest. Some people are content to simply put out food and water nightly and see that is eaten. Alternatively, you can put some twigs or leaves by the entrance to the house and see if they are disturbed. Some hedgehog house owners leave out a footprint tunnel by the entrance of the house to help identify a visitor. For the more tech-conscious nature lover, a night vision camera can be installed inside or near the house to record footage of your new spiky friends!

What do I do if my hedgehog house attracts vermin?

Rats, in particular, are prolific opportunists and may seek to take advantage of your generous offer of food and shelter. If you think you have rays in the hedgehog house, it is best to wait until daytime and empty the house, clean it thoroughly and set it up in an alternate location.


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