The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter

The Hutch Company Hedgehog House With Hibernation Shelter (made by The Hutch Company) is sturdy, wood timber construction, spacious and with a predator-proof opening.

  • Quick delivery
  • No assembly required!
  • Feeding Station
  • Solid C24 timber construction
  • Integrated floor
  • Felt roof
  • Predator proof entrance (no cats!)
  • Height 260mm x Width 400mm x Depth 340mm
  • Weight 3kg (includes the box)


The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter

The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter is roomy, predator-proof, and durable.

This safe and secure hedgehog house is built using high-quality materials by one of the UK’s leading animal housing manufacturers. 

Premium C24 graded timber, used in the hedgehog house fabrication is rated for its strength, density, and resistance against rotting.

This means that it will be able to serve your spiky garden visitors for many years whilst it remains presentable throughout the seasons.

A felt roof ensures the worst of the elements stay outside of the hedgehog house, where they belong!

Key features

  • Made in Great Britain
  • Sturdy weatherproof design
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Wooden interior flooring
  • Removable lid roof and internal room divider
  • Dimensions: 46.8cm x 41cm x 28cm 
  • Weight: 4.5 Kilograms


Your resident hedgehogs will be snug and cozy in The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter, built by the UK’s experts in timber constructed animal housing. 

Hedgehogs and hoglets will be able to not only visit and feed but also hibernate and potentially breed in this compact twin-chambered house with a predator-proof entryway.

The hedgehog house arrives ready to use and has a simple design with handy features; making the house easy to use for both you and your prickly guests.

An accessible interior 

Setting up this hedgehog house for winter, checking-in on occupants or cleaning is straightforward thanks to the lift-off lid which doubles as a warm felt covered roof.

Within you will have full access to the two chambers.

The inner compartments are separated by a removable dividing wall, allowing you to provide hedgehogs with a safe inner chamber for hibernation, or have a more open feeding station in the spring and summer months.

It is an ideal choice of hedgehog house for animal rescuers who may want to access the hedgehogs without disturbing them too much. This house remains well-ventilated throughout the year. 

Easy to clean

The Hutch Company has built this hedgehog house so it can be thoroughly cleaned by simply washing it out with boiling water! You will need to do this before and after each hibernation. 

Rot-resistant and durable

The dense-graded timber used to build this hedgehog house is moisture resistant, meaning it will not become unsightly with rot and water damage over time.

Expect your garden’s hedgehogs to enjoy this little house for years to come.

Antibacterial treatments prevent disease

Care has been taken to spray-treat the timber of this hedgehog house with a long-lasting antibacterial preparation before first use. 

Integrated flooring

Unlike many competitor hedgehog houses, The Hutch Company has provided a wooden floor for this house making it all the more comfortable for visiting hedgehogs and reducing the opportunity for moisture ingress into the house’s walls.

A 2 centimetre raised border runs around the edge of the house, raising it off the ground too. 

Confidence that predators will stay out

At 13 centimeters by 12 centimeters, the small opening to the hedgehog house is sized appropriately for hedgehogs only.

Long-term guests, hibernating, or breeding hedgehogs can use the chamber farthest away from the opening keeping them warm, safe, and well out of the sight of predators. 

The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter will be easy to locate in your garden.

At just over 4 kilograms, the hedgehog house is easy to carry to a quiet and secluded part of your garden without too much foot traffic.

Under a hedge or bush with the opening facing outwards is great!

Choose an area with vegetation that will provide your visiting hedgehog with grubs and perhaps obscure the opening with fallen leaves that will further hide residents from curious cats and dogs.

Lift off the lid and prepare the inner chamber with clean straw, hay, or other suitable bedding. Hedgehog food is best left at the entrance to the hedgehog house to attract one to enter. 

The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter

When should I get my hibernation shelter ready for hedgehogs?

If you hope to home a hibernating hedgehog, this house should be sited between early October and late December when hedgehogs will be looking out for a safe, comfortable place to hibernate.

If you find that your house has been occupied for winter, cover over the entrance with dead leaves to keep your sleeping resident warm and hidden. 

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of a hedgehog using the house…

Sometimes it can take time for your hedgehog house to be used by a local hedgehog. Don’t be disappointed, patience is key. Simply reposition the house in another part of your garden, making sure that the entrance is accessible. Keep putting out food and water and give it time!

Can I look inside the hedgehog house to see the hibernating hedgehogs?

It is best not to disturb hibernating animals. Wildlife enthusiasts who want to see who visits their hedgehog house may want to install a night vision camera, similar to those used within birdboxes, within the house. 


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