Ernest Charles Hedgehog House / Wicker (Gardman)

The Ernest Charles Co Hedgehog House (Gardman) is manufactured by Westland – a wireframed, lightweight, wicker-woven hedgehog house with the benefit of being well camouflaged to preserve the aesthetics of your garden. A discrete, but hospitable choice.

  • Quick delivery
  • No assembly required!
  • Wireframed
  • Lightweight
  • Wicker covering
  • Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 35 cm
  • Weight: 800 grams


Ernest Charles Hedgehog House

The Ernest Charles Hedgehog House is distinctive to look at – most of all because it is designed as a wicker hedgehog house.

It naturally benefits from a camouflaged appearance giving aesthetic benefits to your garden. 

Discretely host hedgehogs without making it too obvious to onlookers.

Key features

  • Wicker
  • Camouflaged appearance
  • Wireframe construction
  • Without base
  • Without waterproofing


The Ernest Charles Hedgehog House is the discerning choice for a garden owner looking to host a local hedgie, but not let on to onlookers.

Appearance-wise, it should blend in quite well with the more private corners of your garden – especially where you have fallen leaf floor coverage or twigs.

Quick Review


It’s a light frame and easily transferred once sited in the garden.

Not easily identified if that really matters to you. Whilst being hospitable to hedgehogs you won’t necessarily be identified as being a hedgie-lover.


It needs anchoring into the ground to stay put.

Doesn’t seem to be waterproof, so some users have taken to black plastic bag material to cover its roof.

It doesn’t have a base – which doesn’t make a difference to hedgehogs, but if you were looking for a self-contained hedgehog house…this isn’t it.


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