What are the best hedgehog accessories to buy, or as a gift?

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Are you keeping a hedgie at home for the first time and want some ideas for the most suitable hedgehog accessories to buy?

Or, perhaps you are looking to buy a hedgehog gift for a friend or family member?

This following round-up was made with you in mind. Enjoy! (Any questions? Just ask below in the comments and we’ll come back to you.)


Hedgehog house

A hedgehog house is a sensible purchase for keeping your hedgehog:

  • sheltered from the elements,
  • protected from predators (like cats, foxes & badgers et al.) and;
  • comforted whilst in hibernation

Hedgehog houses are available ready-made to install into your garden with very little effort required…

….some bedding, a bowl…

…that’s all you need and your hedgehog is all sorted.

Fancy making one yourself?

Some advocates of the DIY approach have even penned their bespoke house design on paper.

Either way, manufactured or homemade, hedgehog houses come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Wooden crafted houses are a popular solution to the problem of temporary refuge for hedgehogs. However, without tanalising the wood, they can be prone to water damage.

Common features found accompanying wooden houses are:

  • labyrinth style entrance to keep out cats (although this is not a guaranteed outcome!),
  • removable roof for easy access to clean or feed,
  • plus a floor raised on feet.

As an alternative to wood, some manufacturers have used thatched like wicker material to build houses with a waterproof internal layer.

Both have their satisfied customer bases.

As for which would be the best type of house for you and your hog…try reading a post like this.

Read the following post for a comprehensive breakdown of the most popular hedgehog house products.

Or, shop for a hedgehog house among these latest offers on Amazon.co.uk

Feeding station

Feeding stations are what they sound like.

Purpose-built structures for hedgehogs to feed at.

They are a bit like a house, but not made for the objective of providing accommodation, but rather a place to settle and snack.

It is not therefore crucial that a feeding station stand up to long term exposure to winter weather – heavy rains and cold temperature…

Because its use is more short term.

Once the station has been used at one particular feeding session, it then should be cleaned and packed away to be used again.

Stations vary in size depending on how many hogs you want to have occupied at any given time.

Take the time to browse the latest selection of hedgehog feeding stations on Amazon.co.uk


Hedgehogs much like guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and other small commonly adopted rodent pets require bedding.

The material used for bedding in the wild would often be dry leaves or other naturally occurring cushiony material.

A practical gift for hedgehog owners will be bedding material.

Find hedgehog bedding options here at Amazon.co.uk


A vivarium literally by interpretation from Latin¬†vivarium¬†“enclosure for live game, park, warren, preserve, fish pond,” or pet observation tank.

It is an indoor pet accommodation.

A vivarium vs. a hedgehog house suffices duel benefits:

  • housing provision for a hedgehog, but also…
  • daily education value to children particularly watching animal behaviour in the home

Vivariums can be ready-made…

Or, much like the wooden hedgehog house idea, vivariums are a favourite DIY project for hedgehog owners, with many example photos posted online.

Whatever your preference in this area, a vivarium is an intriguing take on housing a hedgehog.

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Are hamsters the only pet rodents which love a run-out?

Not at all! Although, very extremely deliberate and slow-mo in action the hedgehog is a very active animal.

FACT: hedgehogs have been known to take up to 12 runs per day when provided a hamster-like running wheel in their vivarium or tank.

Why not invest in a hedgehog to keep you hedgie on the move?…shop here at Amazon.co.uk

Hedgehog heat pad

A heat pad is a thoughtful purchase for rescued for wildlife of many sorts.

They work by keeping thermostable conditions especially for hedgehogs in shock or in need of aid. With variable controls allowing heat between 20-c to 42-c, these mains operated heaters cost only pennies per week to run.

A gift like this will be put to good use if you know someone fond of adopting wild hedgehogs into domestic care. Splash-proof, scratch/bite-proof, consistent temperature, accurate to 1c.

Take a look at these great value, reliable hedgehog heat pads at Amazon.co.uk

Feed & bowl

Hedgehogs feed on all sorts in the wild.

In recent times, shop-bought (or manufactured) hedgehog feed also has taken on a variety of forms, including:

  • mealworms
  • wet/dry meat derivative feed
  • seeds
  • pellets

These are just a few examples of what is commonly purchased as hedgehog feed.

Small pet bowls for small animals will be sufficient for a hedgehog. Leaving the food out, the hedgehogs will easily find their way to what they need.

Browse here for the latest deals and options for hedgehog feed and bowls on Amazon.co.uk

Hedgehog drinking bottle

The jury is still out on hedgehog drinking bottles – there are two prevailing schools of thought:

  • bottle lovers, &
  • bottle haters

For most owners from both camps, bottles are a convenient method of consistently getting water into baby hoglets fresh from the breeder.

As soon after the hoglets gain confidence though, they are quickly weened onto water bowls which they readily adopt within a conducive home environment.

If you know any new hoglet owners, perhaps consider buying a hedgehog drinking bottle from this list at Amazon.co.uk

Are you still looking for a little bit extra in the way of hedgehog accessories?

Have we missed out any you’d recommend?

Do you have any experience with using hedgehog accessories and would like to share your thoughts with fellow owners?

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