Do you know if the Igloo Hedgehog House is any good?

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    Let’s research the ins and outs of the Igloo Hedgehog House together!


    It seems Aldi used to sell it – but not sure why they stopped(?) Seems to be quite popular still.
    The design seems simple, lightweight and easy to site (wireframe based).


    It seems that the Igloo Hedgehog house has been associated with the injuries and deaths of hedgehogs. Animal rescue charities say that the hedgehogs can get stuck inside them and also that they can blow away. They did not have any hard evidence of this but are discouraging people from buying Igloo Hedgehog Houses:

    It’s a very cheap design compared to other houses, it probably was popular because it is affordable.

    Reviews on amazon suggest that the chickenwire frame of the Igloo can trap the spines of the hedgehog.

    It also is not waterproof and suggested to not be predator-proof either. The design probably needs some modifications but buyers want to be confident a hedgehog house will be suitable and safe!


    Wow, that’s really bad…whilst being cheap, the Igloo clearly wasn’t safe after all.

    That said, it seems, on the contrary, the problem some of the roomier hedgehog houses is that they are not predator-proof. Cats and badgers, in particular, finding their way in to hunt the hedgies (or at least, steal their hedgehog food.)

    So, for those ‘hedgehog champs‘ out there still wanting a snug wicker-roofed hedgehog house, here are some alternatives to the Igloo house, which get good reviews:
    #34 Tom Chambers Rattan Hedgehog House
    #33 Leisure Traders Outdoor Garden Hedgehog House – Provides Shelter And Sanctuary
    #32 Ruddings Wood Natural Thatch Hedgehog House Hibernation Home Garden Shelter Hut Box
    #31 Everything Wildlife Hedgehog Care Pack – Shelter with Guide and Spike’s Hedgehog Food.
    #30 Brushwood Hogitat Hedgehog House Shelter
    #29 Wildlife World Special Edition National Trust Wicken Fen Hedgehog Home House Retreat 46cm

    Not only do some of these alternatives have wider entrances, but also don’t have the enclosed floor.

    I’d hope they would be easier for the hedgehogs to use them.

    Unless anyone else has heard differently?


    Yes, some retailers simply suggest that the rattan design is not suitable for animal rescuers because they don’t have a lid for access:

    “Rattan or natural brushwood style hedgehog houses with an open bottom are not suitable for Hedgehog Rescue Centres.
    We recommend Hedgehog Rescue Centres use wooden Hedgehog Houses where the roof can be opened when wanting to check on or inspect recuperating hedgehogs.”

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