What are the nearest relatives of the hedgehog?

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    Hedgehogs are pretty unique looking by my estimation, at least. Small, spiny mammals.

    I mean, the closest thing I can think of like them would probably be the porcupine.

    But otherwise, I’m interested to know – what are the closest relatives of the hedgehog?

    Can you think of any?


    Do you mean like Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails?

    Hedgehog relatives


    But seriously hedgehogs are mammals from the Eulipotyphla order and the Erinaceinae family.
    Eulipotyphla means “truly fat and blind” and apart from hedgehogs include creatures like moles and shrews – which in many cases could be described that way.

    The nearest relatives of the hedgehog are moonrats:


    These are shrew-looking creatures that could be mistaken for rats but are not rodents. Like hedgehogs, they are crepuscular and will make the most of moonlit evenings to forage for their carnivorous diet of mice, reptiles, and large arthropods. Not sure you will want those turning up in your hedgehog house!

    Are echidnas related to hedgehogs?
    Well, Knuckles certainly is:

    Knuckles the Echidna

    Echidnas look like they would be the perfect long-lost relative from Down Under for the British hedgehog, but actually these large mammals that can weigh up to a whopping 16kg have nothing to do with the humble hedgehog, being EGG LAYING MAMMALS (😲😲😲) of the order Monotremata. Trust Aussies to do things differently!


    Are porcupines related to hedgehogs?
    Again porcupines are not related to hedgehogs despite their spiky coat.

    You learn something new every day!🤓


    Interesting story of a Russian cat that was able to suckle a group of orphaned hedgehogs – remarkable!

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