Can people get hedgehog allergy?

Hedgehog allergy is an occasional occurrence experienced to the disappointment of many an owner.

Here is a Reddit thread within which some owners discuss their experience.

What is hedgehog allergy?

It is an allergic reaction which some people complain of, typified by breaking out in an acute skin reaction when they handle hedgehog spines.

In presentation, it looks like hives or a severe rash.

What causes it?

It’s not certain what really causes it. Some claim microscopic barbs on the quills on hedgehogs puncturing the skin, others say it is an issue of contaminants on the body of the hedgehog.

Whatever it is, the reaction produces rapid response of uncomfortable bumps that spreads over portion of skin, directly affected.

Sure, it goes down with time. But the sudden onset can be quite alarming – not to mention itchy.

How can I minimise the affects of allergy?

Some owners say that the affects of the allergy is greatly reduced with bathing…alluding to the contaminant theory.

So here it is, bathe hedgie regularly and you should find the allergic reaction is much less – also you should prevent any potential skin-related, health problems for your hedgehog.

Washing your affected area of skin and applying some hypo-allergic cream also may help.

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