How do hedgehogs show affection?

Concerned about hedgehog affection?

Hedgehogs typically are seen as solitary and understated in behaviour.

By nature they usually enjoy getting on with their own agenda and exploring.

If handled, they can often be found huffing in response as acknowledgement – but beyond this is quite rare.

Like cats or dogs, they are not the type to respond to name calls or affectionate calling cues like whistling.

Personality plays a big part, according to some forum contributors. Some hedgies will offer snuggling at intimate moments of care. Nose kisses also.

Are hedgehogs territorial?

Some owners share anecdotes of particularly bossy or opinionated hedgehogs. For example, if owners received guests – hedgehogs can suddenly shower their owners with affection in defense.


If you are looking to keep a hedgehog for the reciprocation of hugs and kisses…you might be sadly disappointed.

If however, you seek the fulfilment of caring for a little creature with very little personal returns other than seeing the your pet thrive and do what it was made to…

…then, a hedgehog is probably a good choice.

Are you familiar with keeping hedgehogs and have your own tales of affection to share?

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