Can A Large Sized Hedgehog Fit In A Hutch Company Hedgehog House?

The following question was asked by someone interested in a Hutch Company Hedgehog House:

“I have a large hedgehog (size of a domestic rabbit) in our garden. Will he fit inside this house?

(Source: Amazon)

Here are 3 points summing up the best answers.

Will You Get A Large (Rabbit Sized) Hedgehog To Use Your Hutch Company Hedgehog House

  1. A hedgehog weighing 650grams (about the size of a 6-week old kitten) in this user’s garden EASILY uses the box.
  2. Not only a large hedgehog, but a hedgehog family should fit inside this hedgehog house.
  3. Even a hedgehog weighing 900grams happily occupied this hedgehog house before being released into the wild!

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So, there we have it – the Hutch Company Hedgehog House can accommodate especially large hedgies.

Its entrance is about 5inches or 12 centimetres in diameter.

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