How To Attract & Encourage A Hedgehog Into A Hedgehog House

The following question was asked by a new owner of The Hutch Company Hedgehog House:

“Can I put food and bedding into this? Ours has been living under a paving stone against a wall. How can i introduce him to his new abode?

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Here are 5 points summing up the best answers.

12 Ways To Attract & Encourage A Hedgehog To Use Your Hutch Company Hedgehog House

  1. Avoid feeding mealworms of other high-calorie foods.
  2. Hay & leaves in the nest chamber – especially if you are making the hedgehog comfortable before releasing into the wild.
    • It’s not uncommon to find hedgehogs stay in this house even all year round.
    • (However, don’t get discouraged because some will prefer to sleep in the hedge under a pile of leaves, or even in a cardboard box for as long as 2 years.)
    • If the home is sheltered by trees, bushes or large plans and away from the wind, you’re likely to have success.
    • Some prefer to live in the hedge. One hedgehog even favoured a cardboard box & lived in it for 2 years!
    • All are well sheltered by greenery & facing away from prevailing weather.
  3. Use torn strips of newspaper for bedding and perhaps hay in the bed chamber.
    • Leave some food in the entrance or buy a tunnel extension to avoid cats eating it.
    • Locate at the bottom of the garden under some shrubs – doorway facing towards the fence.
    • Feed hedgehogs in a hand-made feeding station not in the house. Squirrels could come to have a go at the food, but they usually do so in the early morning – whereas if you feed the hedgehogs at night, you avoid this.
  4. Make the house convenient for the hedgehog to find i.e. where they currently rest.
    • Put some bedding down in the nest box and dry hedgehog food in the entrance.
    • You needn’t bother with the bedding – they should gather that themselves from dry leaves. Place the house close to where your hedgehog is currently living. Scatter a thin layer of bedding on the floor of the nest box and a few dry nibbles in the access passage.
    • It will gather its own bedding but you can help by leaving suitable material (dry leaves and grass cuttings, straw, hay) nearby.
    • If the hedgehog doesn’t move in right away – don’t take offence, they just go wherever they prepare. You might find that they return in November.
  5. In this case, mealworms inside the entrance for a week and a hedgehog arrived.
    • A second hedgehog arrived shortly after. Every night, feed with mealworms and they will forage for the rest.
    • Wildlife CCTV cameras are great value for money too – you and the family can enjoy hours of together ‘screen time’ without adverts!

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