Where To Put A Hedgehog House In Your Garden?

A leading UK university research centre, the world’s leading public service broadcaster & some fellow hedgehog home helpers…

…all chipped in to give you the definitive answer on, “Where to put a hedgehog house in your garden?”

Three expert answers on where to put your hedgehog house…

1. A UK research study performed by Hedgehog Street and analysed by The University of Reading concluded this:

That when 5,000 Hedgehog Champions monitored their gardens…

…they found hedgehogs MUCH preferred to use houses put in:

  • the back garden
  • in a quiet and sheltered spot

(Source: Hedgehog Census)

2. In an article published on the BBC website…(as part of the Breathing Places campaign to encourage people in the UK to help nature on their doorstep)…this advice was given on citing hedgehog houses:

“Where to put your hedgehog home

  • Hibernating hedgehogs like peace and quiet.
  • Put the house where it won’t be disturbed.
  • Against a wall, bank or fence if possible.
  • Under or near plant cover.
  • Face the entrance away from north or north-east winds .
  • Not in a damp, untidy area”

(Source: Breathing Places BBC)

3. Our Best Amazon Hedgehog Houses Reviews demonstrate hedgehogs actively using hedgehog houses placed in the following garden locations:

Behind a tree trunk…

Camouflaged Hedgehog House Pic 1

In a corner of the garden, against the fence & behind a bush…

Hogitat Pic 1

Hogitat Pic 2

In between plant pots, under a tree…

Berk Hedgehog Feeding Station Pic 1

Against the fence and under a bush…

Tom Chamber Hedgehog House Pic 1

Tom Chamber Hedgehog House Pic 2

Between two bushes, under some trees…

Ruddings Hedgehog house Pic 2

Ruddings Hedgehog house Pic 3

Now, over to you…

Have you recently bought a hedgehog house and thinking of where to put it still?

What do you make of the recommendations above?

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